Quarterly environmental statements

Our environmental management solution is based on a digital platform, covering energy and waste management of vessel fleet, truck fleet, terminal assets, warehouses, and office space. In the statement below the data is collected from Eimskip Iceland, Faroe Ship, and Eimskip Norway shipping department.

We are proud of the progress we have achieved in environmental matters but we still want to improve by publishing environmental updates on a quarterly basis for better monitoring starting from Q1 2020.

Environmental statement 2020 by quarter

Key performance indicators Unit 2020 Q1 2020 Q2 2020 Q3 2020 Q4
GHG emissions per unit of transported cargo tCO2e/ton 0,108 N/A N/A N/A
   development of GHG per transport Unit (base year 2015; 0,128) % 15,97%      
Production variables Unit 2020 Q1      
Transported cargo ton 597.913      
Greenhouse Gas Emissions Unit 2020 Q1      
Scope 1 tCO2e 64,141.3      
Scope 2 (location-based) tCO2e 62.3      
Scope 2 (market-based) tCO2e -      
Scope 3 tCO2e 105.1      
Gross operational carbon emission tCO2e 64,308.7      
  Total emissions neutralized by carbon offset projects tCO2e 0      
Net operational carbon emissions tCO2e 64,308.7      
E1|UNGC: P7|GRI 305-1,305-2,305-3|SASB: General Issue / GHG Emissions|TCFD: Metrics & Targets      
Emissions Intensity Unit 2020 Q1      
GhG emissions per megawatt-hour consumed kgCO2e/MWh 258      
GhG emissions per unit of transported cargo tCO2e/ton 0,108      
Development of the KPI from base year % 15,97%      
E2|UNGC: P7, P8|GRI 305-4 |SDG: 13|SASB: General Issue / GHG Emissions, Energy Management      
Energy Usage Unit 2020 Q1      
Total energy consumption kWh 249.584.316      
  Of which energy from fossil fuel kWh 242.527.489      
  Of which energy from electricity kWh 3.708.546      
  Of which energy from hot water kWh 3.348.281      
E3|UNGC: P7, P8|GRI 302-1, 302-2|SDG: 12|SASB: General Issue / Energy Management      
Energy Intensity Unit 2020 Q1      
Energy per transported unit kWh/ton 417      
E4|UNGC: P7, P8|GRI 302-3|SDG: 12|SASB: General Issue / Energy Management      
Energy Mix Unit 2020 Q1      
Fossil Fuel % 97,2%      
Renewable Energy % 3%      
E5|GRI 302-1|SDG: 7|SASB: General Issue / Energy Management      
Water Usage Unit 2020 Q1      
Total water consumption 70.415      
Cold water 12.686      
Hot water 57.729      
E6|GRI: 303-5|SDG: 6|SASB: General Issue / Water & Wastewater Management      
Waste Management Unit 2020 Q1      
Total waste generated kg 225,620      
  Of which sorted waste kg 130,725      
  Of which unsorted waste kg 94,895      
Recycled/recovery kg 92,883      
Landfill/disposal kg 132,675      
Percentage of sorted waste % 57.9%      
Percentage of recycled waste % 41.2%      
Waste Intensity Unit 2020 Q1      
Total waste per transported unit kg/ton 0.377      
Business Trips Unit 2020 Q1      
Emissions from business trips tCO2e 50,9      
  Flights tCO2e 50,9      
Cars/trucks primary energy source Unit 2020 Q1      
Total fuel consumption in liters litres  1,412,984       
  Petrol liters  5,381       
  Diesel oil liters  927,291.5       
Total fuel consumption in kg kg  792,233       
  Petrol kg  4,035.7       
  Diesel oil kg  788,198       
Paper Management Unit 2020 Q1      
Total amount of printed paper pages 353.899      
  Color print pages 43.403      
  Black/white print pages 310.496      
Carbon Taxes Unit 2020 Q1      
Carbon tax, gas- and diesel oil ISK/litre 11,45      
Carbon tax, gasoline ISK/litre 10      
Carbon tax, fuel oil ISK/kg 14,1      
Carbon tax, crude oil, etc ISK/kg 12,55      
Total Carbon Tax (ESR) ISK  10,671,297